$150 (cash only)
It's that simple.

1) 300+ shots
2) 3 changes

3) wardrobe consultation
4) agent/manager interaction
5) ownership of all the shots
6) a CD of your images when you leave

1) If you think you need a make-up artist, you might be wrong. You might not be, but you might be. This is the digital age. Wherever you're going to go to get your reproductions, they can take out blemishes, shadows and dark circles. If you're doing everything yourself, Picasa is a great program and it's free. If you have an ounce of graphic savvy, you'll be fine. Guys, you probably don't need anything at all...be yourself and own your look...it's what's going to sell you anyway. Ladies, do you even wear much make-up? If your answer is no, stop stressing over it. If your answer is yes, who does your make-up everyday? The days of over-caking your face are done. No one really shoots on film anymore and that was the reason for so much make-up then. It's all digital now and much easier to capture a natural look. If you're going high fashion, that's another story and I'm probably not your guy. If you're just doing headshots, look like yourself. You're just going to piss off the producers when you show up at your audition looking completely different than you do in real life.

2) Drink lots of water a few days before your shoot. This will flush out your system and clear up your skin.

3) Get plenty of rest the night before, wake up early, get something to eat and get your blood running. Your face and body need time to wake up.

4) Bring clothes that you would wear to an audition. Stay away from busy prints, designs and big logos. Take advantage of shooting color, though and bring colors that compliment you.

5) If you have an agent and/or manager, check to see if they want something specific. They will have the best idea of how to market your look. If requested, I can speak to your representative about what they need from you at no charge.

I've been shooting headshots for a few years now and have a great knowledge of what it takes to get pictures that get you noticed. Why am I only charging $150? It's not rocket science. I'm trying to eliminate the snobby side of photography where people think it's okay to charge $1000 for headshots. Those people are good in their own right, but most of us can't afford that.

Why do I shoot over 300 shots? Why not? It's digital. I don't need to be careful and greedy with my shots. I want to offer great shots for a price that won't break your bank. I'm not hiding any sitting fees or printing charges...you get a CD of your images for $150. Some may say, "You get what you pay for." I urge you to compare. Do your homework. Be an active participant in your career. There are plenty of us out there, but you can see a difference in the shots.

In this town, there are no rules. One agent will tell you one thing, while another will tell you something else. Everyone has an idea of what is right. My thought is that you should keep it natural and love what you do. If you shoot with me, you'll have plenty of shots to choose from for a long time to come. Hopefully, that will cover a wide range of what other people think is "right." It's not hard to be yourself, and that is what you're ultimately selling. I urge you to shop around and find a photographer that fits your needs. Maybe it'll be me, maybe not...and that's fine. It's your career. It's your passion. It's your money.

Please call me if you have any questions.